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SOLAR PANELS:  Do It Yourself Solar Panels The plight to control the vast destruction of our planet has been the core  of many issues over the past years. The growing number of technological  advancements and industrialization had taken its toll on the wellness of  our environment. One of the major environmental problems that we face  nowadays is air pollution. It is everywhere. One contributing factor to air  pollution is the large amount of energy that we consume every day.  Most of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels like petroleum and  coal that provide electricity and gas to power our growing energy needs.  These resources are non-renewable which means that we will eventually  run out. Then, there is one source of energy that never runs out, and that is  solar energy. One of the main advantages of a solar power system for your  home is the lack of pollution given off by solar panels when generating  electricity.  Solar panels (which are also known as photovoltaic panels or PV Panels)  are devices that convert light into electricity. These devices are named as  such because it gets light from its power source – the sun. Solar panels are  composed of small solar cells. The more sunlight they get, the more  electricity they also produce. Solar power electricity may cause a bit  expensive upon installation of the solar panels, but it will cause great  savings on your electricity bills for the next months and years.   Building a solar panel can be done with minimal effort at home. Many people build their own solar panels  after realizing that these can help save money and the environment. In building your own solar panels, you  need to buy solar cells. These solar cells are very fragile and there is a need to have a lot of cells to absorb  meaningful amount of power. This is why there is a need to form them into panels. Making your own solar  panels is fairly easy to do with these steps:  1. Before building solar panels, decide on how to angle your solar panels so that they can absorb  maximum sunlight  2. Prepare the necessary supplies like screws and make sure that they could be attached well to  ensure safety 3. Drills holes on your roof, forming a straight line   4. Mount the rails securely so that there is maximum support for your panels  5. Install the panels in a straight line. Connect them into an array  6. Then, run the conduit for it to connect to the inverter on top of the roof. Then, you have your  solar panels working  Building solar panels do not only contribute to big savings on electric bills, but also to energy conservation  and saving our environment. These solar panels give off electricity without harming the environment with  pollution. Solar panels are great innovations to make use of the earth’s natural source of energy. Whether  you install your solar panels yourself or have a professional do it for you, you are doing your part for the  environment.   BELOW CHECK OUT SOME OF THE GREAT SELECTIONS OF BOOKS WE HAVE PICKED OUT !
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